My iPhone 6 Preorder Shipped a WEEK Early

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 11.35.06 AM   Yep, its finally on its way, just six days after I preordered it. I actually didn’t pre-order it Friday the 12th. [Read more…]

Apple Set to Announce Two Phones, iWatches Sept. 9th


It has been quite as busy day for Apple fans as two large, reputable sources have given away some big information for the next round of iPhones and the purported iWatch. [Read more…]

Android or Apple?

What do you like about Apple & Android? Also, which do you prefer?


My Answer:

Of both, i do prefer Apple. I like Apple because its products are a little more high quality than that of an android phone, especially the build quality of the Galaxy series. iOS is also very good looking in my opinion and has many apps that look and work seamlessly which makes it feel nicer and more connected. On Android, I feel like apps os OS services are designed however the developer wants, and are not applied to a specific guideline and so the phone has no overall ‘modern’ theme or design. I also like the App Store on iOS better and little things like iMessage and FaceTime are a huge bonus. I do, still like Android, especially for size in phones. They have more detailed settings which allow me to set even more specific options, and it is more available to customization. Although you would think an Android phone is better for me considering I like technology, but I still rule in favor of the really nice designs Apple puts out.

Awesome Apps #9: OLO

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iPhone and iPad [Read more…]

Apple Debuts iPhone 5c, September 13th Release

Along with the iPhone 5s, Apple rolled out the 5c, and it looks just like all the pictures we’ve seen from the internet. [Read more…]

Apple Unveils iPhone 5s, September 20th Release


In their media event today, Apple has announced the new high-end iPhone, the 5s. The 5s has a mostly same design as the iPhone 5, except for the new Touch ID home button sensor, dual True Tone flash, and improved camera. The new iPhone 5s has the A7 64-bit processor, as well as an M7 coprocessor that aides in many health-oriented apps. There are three main improvements on the iPhone 5s: Touch ID, Camera, and iOS 7. The phone goes on-contract for $199 for 16Gb, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB. Full purchase price starts at $649. It will be released on September 20th, one week after the 5c. [Read more…]

Awesome Apps #8: Cycloramic

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iOS [Read more…]

Mophie Adds Five New Colors to Helium Lineup

Mophie-Juice-Pack-Helium-Colors-550x435Mophie has announced five new colors to add to its line of JuicePack Helium cases for iPhone 5. The new colors; Purple, green, pink, blue, and (PRODUCT)Red. As usual, part of the proceeds from each (PRODUCT) Red case goes the help fight AIDS. The Helium line still stand at just $79.99, the cheapest price in the iPhone 5 segment.  The other two standard light and dark silver colors, which have been out since its launch, are still available. The Helium case contains 1,500mAh battery which will charge your iPhone up to 80%. Visit Mophie to see more about the JuicePack Helium.

HTC or Samsung?

Hey! I was just wondering, which phone you feel is a better option, an HTC One or a Galaxy S4? Why? Thanks!


Official Answer:

While both both phones are really good, I personally would go for the S4. It has a slightly larger screen, and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI overlay, which I like. It also has a faster 1.9Ghz quad core processor. It also has a large 13MP camera, versus the HTC’s sad 4MP. Although it has many advantages, I still don’t like the S4’s plastic construction. It just seems too cheap. Also another advantage the HTC One has is its dual stereo speakers, so that might be good if you use them often. Still, I prefer the S4.

Apple Starts USB Adapter Trade-In Following Chinese Incident


   Apple today announced a take back program for 3rd party USB wall chargers, which may not function by Apple standards. [Read more…]